Songs or Videos will be judge by the panel in order for it to win a place on the 1st View Play List.

The play list will be self-calculating by the number of hits to your track or video. This will move your song or video up to the top spot. You can track your progress by login in to the play list.

The top song or video will remain at the top of the list until removed by the next calculated song or video

If a song or video can hold the top spot for the week you will win 28 day promotion on the 1st view Entertainments website. A link to the song or video will be sent out to all the 1st View Entertainments subscribers

The song or video can be sold on the website. A percentage of the sale will go to 1st View Entertainments

The person or persons named on the upload of these track/video will be fully responsible for any copyrights charges that occur from the publicity of these track/video