1st View Entertainments

Need’s You To Help Young People Towards a Brighter Future

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 Educate The Minds Of A New Generation

The young people we work with desperately need your support to develop their skills.

1st View Entertainments relies on volunteers to help young people every day on the path to realising their potential and getting their lives back on track As a volunteer you bring real-life experience to the young people Your personal experiences anecdotes and ‘top tips’ bring our workshops and activities to life, preparing young people for the real world of work.

Why Should I Volunteer

You will get valuable work experience which can give you the advantage over other applicants when looking for a job you can see if a particular type of work suits you before committing to a job, get training, meet new people and have fun working on some great projects that will benefit your community You could help improve an area in your local community, take part in project, show production, help in coaching skills and teach about helping to run projects In their local environment.

Make This The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life

Contact Us Today and one of our team will get back in touch with you  info@1stviewentertainments.com